Cooper Dragon Invitational Results

On September 5th the Aggieland Homeschool Athletics Cross Country team competed in our first meet, the Copper Dragon Invitational in Spring, Texas. The team did very well and we had several runs place in the top 10 and top 15 of their events!  Not bad for the first meet of a first year program!

JV Boys

#2 Tamerat Dozier 11:37.21

#20 Yakob Dye 12:45.99

JV Girls placed 7th in the meet!

#5 Kathleen Koenig 15:15.84

#20 Grace Dye 16:17.25

#25 Riley Brown 16:29.37

#68 Emily Mooler 18:21:43

#80 Jade Ashley 18:50.23

Middle School Boys Division 2

#10 Silas Shivers 7:33.95

#20 John Dye 7:53.54

#54 Garrison Brown 9:12.16

#66 Dillion Dozier 11:55.10

Middle School Girls Division 2

#1 Sara Lyon 7:53:25

#12 Parker McVay 9:46:59

#13 Pearson McVay 9:47:37

Here is a link to the results of this race:


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